Myles’ Weekend Adventures:  Katie Morgan

Myles’ Weekend Adventures:  Katie Morgan

Bonjour mon amis!  Comment ca va?  Myles Shaffer here.  I actually saw three beautiful women and two male adult film stars during this particular weekend.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to write about one of the women even though she is a very good entertainer and a longtime friend.  This is no fault of mine, the lady, nor is it any fault of my Editor-in-Chief.  So, let us now move on to what I can write about.

Katie Morgan

Saturday night, March 19, 2016, I drove down to Exposé Gentlemen’s Club, in San Diego, to spend a little time with the multi-talented Katie Morgan and to observe both of her shows of the evening.

At the start of her first show, Katie came onto the stage with an extremely long black feather boa with three glittery silver orbs of various sizes on each end draped around her lovely neck.  She also wore a glittery blue floor-length gown the breast area of which was cut out.  The gown was trimmed with lots of black feathers.  Beneath her gown, she wore a black bra.  The breast cups of the bra were literally covered with rhinestones of various sizes.  She also wore a black corset under her gown.  The corset was trimmed with black lace around its bottom edge.  Katie next wore a black G-string and under the G-string was an even smaller black G-string.  Katie wore a pair of sheer black hose on her legs, and her footwear was a pair of black shoes with stiletto heels and platform soles.  The shoes were practically covered with rhinestones.

The first song that Katie performed to during this show was, “Nasty Naughty Boy,” by Christina Aguilera.  Other than that, I don’t have a clue.  The problem is that Katie had supplied disc jockey Joe with her own music, so he couldn’t supply me with the information.  Since I was certain that I had seen both of this night’s shows before and knowing that Katie generally dances to the same music for any particular one of her shows, I thought I already had the information and didn’t bother to ask Katie about her music on this night.  That was apparently a big mistake on my part.  I have searched back through my columns for six years, and I cannot find anything about these two shows.

For her second show, Katie wore a floor-length pink negligee that was decorated with lots of feathers.  Under her negligee, Katie wore a black bra that was decorated with a scattering of sequins.  Beneath this bra was a smaller black lace bra.  Katie next wore a black corset.  She also wore a black G-string under which she wore a smaller black G-string.

Last but not least, Katie wore what appeared to be the same pair of hose and the same pair of shoes that she had worn during her first show.

The one song I recognized during this show was Christina Aguilera’s, “Guy What Takes His Time,” from the movie, “Burlesque.”  I can’t say what the rest of the music was for the above stated reason.  (This event took place well before I was ever told about Shazam.)

Katie always does very good up close, personal, and in your face interaction with just about everybody at the tip rail during her shows.

In addition to being a cute and very sexy woman, Katie has a bubbly personality.  She is also highly intelligent, and she is very well spoken.  She also thoroughly enjoys meeting and speaking with her fans.

It is obvious that Katie has blonde hair and blue, or possibly green eyes, I believe.

I cannot believe that I once again forgot to ask Katie about her physical statistics, but I did.  So here we go again with what I have seen on the Internet.

Katie is five feet four inches, or five inches, or six inches tall depending upon which website a person might be looking at.  Her weight is about one hundred six pounds, and her measurements are 35C-24-35.

Katie’s shows always emit a lot of her wonderful personality.  So, I must say that she is a must-see entertainer.  Therefore, anybody who gets an opportunity to go to a club to see her perform and to meet her in person should not pass up on said opportunity.

Katie can be found at  (This URL now takes you to what appears to be some outfit that builds websites for people.  However, Katie can still be found on a good number of other websites across the Internet.)

An extra added bonus during this evening was the fact that adult film stars September Reign, Evan Stone, and Alec Knight were there in the club hanging out with Katie and chatting with many of the customers.  (I myself must thank the three of them for ensuring that I didn’t have any boring moments between Katie’s shows.)

Okay folks, that is a wrap.  We should all meet back here the next time to discuss more gorgeous sexy, women.  Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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