San Diego's Largest Selection Of Cigar In A Gentlemen's Club

Sinistro Cigars is a premium cigar brand, traveling to the world’s most renowned cigar regions for years in order to find their perfect smoke.  With three decades of knowledge and experience, these skilled rollers exhibit attention to detail and quality you taste in every stick they produce.  See for yourself by experiencing our unparalleled selection from Sinistro, including handcrafted favorites as well as fresh releases from Sinistro’s extensive travels across various countries and cultures.


Sinistro was born from a passion for tobacco and excellence.  The band of brothers are on journeys around the world, seeking out the finest tobaccos to create truly outstanding cigars with their undying zeal and passion that sets them apart in this industry!  The exclusive Sinistro lounge at Exposé allows you to enjoy these premium cigars in the unique setting of San Diego’s finest gentlemen’s club.