Myles’ Weekend Adventures: Katie Morgan

Myles’ Weekend Adventures: Katie Morgan

Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. This column will be about one very good and very sexy performer. Now that should make people curious enough to read on to learn what took place. So, let’s get started right now!

Katie Morgan

Saturday, September 26, 1015, I drove down to Expose, in San Diego, to spend a little time with Katie Morgan and to observe both of her shows.

At the start of her first show, Katie came onto the stage wearing a pink negligee that was trimmed with feathers and carrying a black handbag. She also wore a pair of black gloves and a black corset. Katie additionally wore a black bra and a pair of black thong panties that were both decorated with sequins. Beneath her panties, she wore a black G-string. Her legs were adorned with a pair of almost hip-length black hose. Each of the hose had a small bow on the back at the top. Her footwear was a pair of black shoes with spike heels and platform soles. The shoes were decorated with rhinestones.

Katie performed this show to, “Bourbon in Your Eyes,” by Devil Doll, “Rock Bottom,” by Mickey Avalon, and, “Everything Zen,” by Bush.

To begin her final show, Katie took the stage wearing a silver necklace with black stones. Next she had a long black feather boa with three various-sized silver balls attached near both ends draped around her neck and shoulders. Katie also wore a pair of long black gloves that were trimmed with feathers. She also wore a floor-length light blue gown that was trimmed with black feathers. Beneath her gown, Katie wore a black bra and a black G-string. Her legs were covered with a pair of almost hip-length black hose. Her footwear appeared to be the same pair of shoes that she had worn during her first show. If so, the shoes did go quite well with both costumes.

During this show Katie performed to, “Queen of Pain,” by Devil Doll, “Go Home Get Stoned,” by Hinder (While go home get stoned is in the song’s lyrics, I believe the actual title may be simply, “Get Stoned.”), and, “The Sound of Winter,” by Bush.

Katie’s interaction with the tip rail patrons was so good as San Diego County allows, and she committed lots of it. Based on what I have seen in this location in the past, I think Katie may have even pushed the envelope a bit.

Not only is Katie a very cute and sexy woman with a very bubbly personality, but she is also smart and very well spoken. Just this night Katie and I discussed how, because of her high-pitched little girl-like voice and her extremely bubbly, extraordinarily fun-loving, humorous, personality, some people get the highly mistaken idea that she is rather dumb. Anybody who thinks that of Katie could not be further from the truth. She is highly intelligent!

Katie has blonde hair which is obvious based upon my own personal observations. Once again based upon personal observations, her eyes are blue, or possibly green, I believe.

One of these days, I must remember to ask Katie about her physical statistics and not have to rely upon the Internet. Anyway, according to what I have found on the Net, Katie is about five feet four inches, or five inches, or six inches tall depending on where a person might look. Her weight is approximately one hundred six pounds, and her measurements are 35C-24-35.

Katie’s shows radiate tons of her wonderful personality; therefore, she is a must see. So, if any of the readers might get an opportunity to see her perform and to meet her in person, they should not allow said opportunity to sneak past them.

Here is some good news for all Katie Morgan fans. The good news is that Katie told this writer that she has started shooting scenes in adult films again.

That will just about do it for another time around. We should all meet back here the next time to see just what I have been up to next. Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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